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iPIO-2 - 2 Port Network I/O Controller
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iPIO-2 - 2 Port Network I/O Controller

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iPIO: Ethernet I/O
Transport Contact Closures over the Network

iPIO-2 Two Inputs – Two Outputs

Dataprobe’s iPIO-2 offers web managed two inputs and two outputs that are both Telnet and SNMP manageable. The iPIO-2 brings network management to real world events via remote response to physical events. Dataprobe monitoring & control solutions are ideal for:
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Manufacturing Control and Test Systems
  • Factory Automation
  • Process Control
  • Security and Gate Control
  • Ethernet I/O Transport
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Laboratory Automation

Two Inputs and Two Outputs. Ships with 120/240VAC power supply. Can also be Power over Ethernet (PoE) as well.  

iPIO - Bidirectional Event Transport

iPIO gives you the ability to transport digital I/O across Ethernet networks with IP protocols. Multiple iPIO devices can communicate amongst themselves to transport I/O information across your network, and links are bidirectional, so events in either location are reflected at any other site. Any changes in status appear at the other end of the network as relay outputs. 2 Units are required for End-to-End transport. See Discount on Paired Units.

iPIO - Network Monitor and Control

Get real time status updates on you web browser and click to control any relay. Monitor and control digital I/O worldwide using an SNMP V2 compliant manager. iPIO also sends email when events occur.

iPIO - Multi Site Event Reporting

One digital input can trigger relay controls at multiple remote locations. With iPIO, one alarm can trigger events throughout your network, making it easy to respond to physical events and manage your systems remotely:

  • Climate Control
  • Industrial Control
  • Security Alerts
  • Firehouse Doors
  • Irrigation Systems

iPIO - Event Consolidation

Events from multiple locations can also be consolidated to a central alarm point. Digital inputs from any iPIO unit can be mapped to the relay output of any other, giving you maximum control:

  • Environmental Alarm Summaries
  • Storm Warning Systems
  • Security Alerts
  • Pump Controls


Specifications of iPIO-2

iPIO-2 Height 1.74" Width 5.63" Depth 3.03"
iPIO-8 Height 1.25" Width 5.00" Depth 7.50"
iPIO-16 Height 2.00" Width 5.00" Depth 7.50"


Temperature 0 - 50 Deg C Operating

Humidity 90 Pct Non Condensing

Power Supply, included
Input: 105 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Output: +5VDC.


iPIO-8 : 6 Watts
iPIO-16 : 10 Watts

iPIO-2 Power Supply, included
Input: 105 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Output: +5VDC. 4 Watts.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) 4.0 Watts


Two screw terminals per input. Dry Contact Closure or
settable for +3VDC to +30 VDC input, Grounds Common

iPIO-2 2 Inputs
iPIO-8 8 Inputs
iPIO-16 16 Inputs

Relay Outputs

Current Maximums 0.5A @ 120VAC or 1A @ 24VDC
Switching Power 60VA Max 50uW Min
Switching Voltage 120VAC or 60VDC Max 1VDC Min
Switching Current 1A Max 1mA Min
Resistance 100 milliohms (initial value)
Operations 5 Million, mechanical. 100K at maximum load

LED Indictors

One LED Indicator for Each Input, Configurable for On or Off state
One LED Indicator for each Relay Output. Configurable for ON or Off state
Network Link (Link) and Activity (Act).
Remote Unit Link Status (Rmt).
Power (Pwr)


Reset. Hardware Reset


Digital Inputs
Dry relay/switch closures or
+/-3VDC to +/-30 VDC
Grounds common


HTTP Web Server
DHCP Assigned or Static IP Address
Email to SMTP Server
SNMP V2 Manageable.
Inter Device Communications via DxP Protocol
128 bit AES Encryption optional
Selectable Port assignments for Web, and DxP Protocol.

Screenshots of iPIO-2

Status and Control Screen

This main screen provides real-time updates of all inputs and outputs. Click on any relay to change.

Input Setup Screen

Control names of the input as well as open and closed names, and status colors for text and background.

Remote Site Setup Screen

Configure each remote for status transmission and immediate action.

Features of iPIO-2

Web Controlled Relays

One click relay control from clear web browser interface. Set name, qualifying time and color scheme for each relay.

Real Time Status Monitoring

Continuous updates of input status. No need for browser refresh. Set name and color scheme for each relay

GPIO Transportation Over the Network

Send contact closure information across the network to one or multiple places. Get the information you need, where you need it.

Contact Closure via IP

Manage with SNMP or create your own custom programming to operate relays over the network.

Link Supervision with Alarm

Continuously monitors data link between each device and alerts you when the network fails.

Email Notification

Receive updates on all input and /or output activity.

SNMP Management

SNMP V2c compliant MIB. Integrate into you network management scheme.

Wet or Dry Input Monitoring

Configurable for +VDC inputs 3-30 volts.

Multi-Site Distribution

Get status information from one point to multiple locations simultaneously. Ideal for load-shedding and security alert notifications.

Alarm Consolidation

Summarize multiple alarm points to one location.



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