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Cambium Networks PL-E600PANA-RW cnPilot E600 802.11ac Wave 2, 4x4, AP POE
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Cambium Networks PL-E600PANA-RW cnPilot E600 802.11ac Wave 2, 4x4, AP POE

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Cambium Networks cnPilot E600 stay on top of the latest standards with the high-powered, Gigabit speed, beam-forming, Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) 802.11ac wave 2 ac E600 access point with a 4x4 antenna array. From the classroom to the mall, cnPilot E600 Indoor is perfect for applications that demand high capacity, range, and/or support high user density. 

The Cambium Networks PL-E600PANA-RW cnPilot E600 supports seamless roaming for up to 1,000 clients without needing a controller in the network. Hotspot portal hosting on the AP itself offers controller-less simplicity. 

Monetise your Wi-Fi service with cnMaestro’s Guest Access capabilities that support splash page hosting, social login, temporary access vouchers, and payment gateway. These features – along with the ability to create time, rate and volume-limited traffic profiles – make the E600 ideal for hotels, coffee shops, campgrounds, and office guest Wi-Fi. 

A capacity of 256 concurrent client associations and 16 SSIDs, along with dual on-board Active/Standby memory banks, ensure the E600 combines high density with high availability.

Cambium Networks cnPilot E600 Features:

  • Guest Access: Custom splash pages, vouchers, social login

  • Zero-touch provisioning and Mass (bulk) upgrade

  • Inventory tracking

  • Map location

  • Monitoring: key stats, alarms

  • Integrated troubleshooting: Wi-Fi APs, Clients & Cambium SMs

  • Controller: Cloud or Virtual On-premises (NOC) controller



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