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Mimosa C5 Networks C5 Client Device
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Mimosa C5 Networks C5 Client Device

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Mimosa C5 Networks C5 Client Device

The Mimosa C5 is a high gain, high throughput client device that can be dropped into any Wi-Fi-compatible network. The C5 is antenna-integrated or connectorised for longer distance applications. Designed for NLOS applications, it easily attaches to any standard J-mount for typical eave or rooftop mounting. The C5 can also use Mimosa’s customised J-mount accessory for finer adjustment capabilities.


The Mimosa C5 has incredibly high gain. With 20 dBi, the client can reach access points up to 5+ km away. With an aperture efficiency above 50%, the device is still extremely compact. 


The Mimosa C5 constantly analyses spectrum conditions and reports usable channels back to the Mimosa Cloud. The access point utilises this information to optimise channel usage and performance. 


The C5 employs a Gigabit Ethernet port for up to 500+ Mbps to the client premise.


Highest Throughput CPE on the market, capable of 500 Mbps + of aggregate IP throughput

Compact high gain integrated antenna (20 dBi)

Broadest range of frequency support.

Network wide sync with A5 TDMA GPS and MU-MIMO

Customisable accessories with a range of mounting options and POE solution



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