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ARC Wireless ARC-IA2419B02 ARC Integrator Antenna 2.4GHz 19dBi
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ARC Wireless ARC-IA2419B02 ARC Integrator Antenna 2.4GHz 19dBi - 1 x RPSMA Female

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ARC Wireless ARC-PA2419B01 2.4 GHz 19dBi Flat Panel Antenna N Female

ARC-PA2419B01 2.4-2.5GHz 19dBi Parity® Panel Antenna.  The ARC-PA2419B01 is a directional antenna designed for Wi-Fi® 802.11b/g, unlicensed ISM bands and is ideal for hot spot, hot zone, CPE and other point-to-point and point-to-multi-point applications. A linear polarisation allows the antenna to be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal polarisation configuration. The circuit design is patented and provides excellent, consistent performance at a low cost. The antenna is designed to handle harsh outdoor environments with a UV stabilised plastic radome and an aluminium backplane for superior whether-ability. A pole and wall mounting kit is included with each antenna. 

  • High performance, cost effective patented circuit design
  • US Engineered
  • Manufactured under strict US quality control procedures
  • Low profile and rugged design for outdoor use with UV stabilised plastic
  • Articulating wall/pole bracket (BRA-A-1699-02) included
  • Beam-width : Vertical/ Horizontal = 18 degrees/ 18 degrees
  • Connector Type : Integral Type N Jack
  • Length x Width x Depth : 39.1 x 39.1 x 4.3cm
  • Weight : 1.3kg
  • Backplane : Aluminum
  • Radome : UV stabilised ABS plastic, grey
  • Wind Survivability : 201kph
  • Operating Temperature : -45°C to 65°C
  • Pole Mount Diameter : 1.9cm to 5.1cm




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