Mimosa A5-14 5GHz Quad Panel 14 dBi 802.11ac AP
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Mimosa A5-14 5GHz Quad Panel 14 dBi 802.11ac AP

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Mimosa A5-14 5GHz Quad Panel 14 dBi 802.11ac AP

Mimosa's A5 is not a typical quad panel access point, it redefines LOS and NLOS deployment for urban and suburban environments. Its utilises a quad sector design, with 4 separate 90 degree antenna panels for high-density multipoint deployments.

Mimosa's access points deliver super high capacity (250+ clients), sophisticated beam-forming and advanced interference reduction techniques to enable service in high-density markets where wireless never worked before - changing the way consumers connect forever.

Mimosa offers both a 14 dBi and 18 dBi version to fulfil the needs of your network.

This is the 14dBi model. It operates in 4x4:4 802.11ac.

The Mimosa access point suite is one of the first unlicensed radios to offer Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) capabilities. MU-MIMO is a feature that enables simultaneous downlink transmission to multiple clients at once (CPE or mobile device).

The A5 leverages directionality technology to achieve MU-MIMO



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